Everything you should know about Commercial Farms!

February 7, 2023by Faber Infinite

Commercial farming today is not what it was 200 years ago. The vast majority of agricultural operations are now carried out with sophisticated machinery and cutting-edge technology. The processes are much faster, less expensive, and more efficient. With major international trade agreements undergoing significant changes, it seems plausible to forecast even more shifts in commercial farming’s future. Everyone would be seeking ways to increase production and profitability during this time. 

Team Faber has assisted organizations working in the floriculture industry. Together with our clients, we have been striving to increase efficiency and profitability in order to assist them to reach their goals. 

A few of the major obstacles encountered by commercial farms today- 

  • Rising production expenses 
  • Underutilization of land 
  • Decrease in output as a result of pests and other issues
  • Increase in transportation cost 
  • Low productivity followed by poor investment returns.
  • Inadequate infrastructure and unpredictable weather.
  • Rigorous international standards
  • outdated technology

Intending to enhance competitiveness, sustainability, and greater returns on investment(ROI), Team Faber has been collaborating with top commercial farms in more than 10 nations. We have been collaborating with industry leaders to assist them in developing a culture of continual improvement. 

Continuous Improvement in Commercial Farms:-
  • Reducing flower rejection 
  • Increasing land productivity  
  • Enhancing quality 
  • Managing inventory 
  • Enhancing packhouse flow to improve “On Time in Full” deliveries to customers 
  • Raising team productivity 
  • Lowering customer complaints 
  • Enhancing flower transport operations 
  • Energy and fuel cost reductions 
  • Cold chain improvement projects  
  • Physical workplace improvements  
  • Lead time reductions 
  • Daily work management to sustain improvement 

 Numerous prestigious flower farms in Africa have received support from Team Faber. Our experts have contributed to increasing packhouse productivity, eliminated process gaps, strengthened packhouse flow, improved the packhouse’s planning methodology, enhanced data management procedures, increased flow and productivity at the greenhouse, decreased the rejection rate, and accomplished a lot more. 

The clients had been assisted by Team Faber in succeeding in their transformational journey. We are happy to report that one of our clients has increased its On-Time Full Delivery by more than 100%, packhouse productivity by 40%, overtime reduction by 100%, improved quality via “First Time Right” by 90%, and converted non-productive land to productive land thereby increasing production by 20%. 

Contact us at [email protected] to learn how! 

Continue reading to find out how Team Faber Infinite has aided and supported farm transformation. 


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