Is LFD the secret to World Class Manufacturing?

November 30, 2020by Faber Infinite

Recently, several organizations are in the phase of expansion and transition. Our team has been receiving many inquiries about how to design organizations that are efficient and world-class from day zero!

Are you in process of an expansion or setting up a new green/ brownfield facility? If the answer is positive, all of us would want the operations to be efficient and future-ready. The typical first step for such an exercise is to layout the facility on paper and expect things to fall in place as we intend to follow a plan. However, this entire practice is flawed and it calls for a lot of pre-work before one reaches to layout and execution stage.

To solve this puzzle effectively, the leadership and research team at Faber Infinite Consulting, based on extensive research and experience has devised a powerful Lean Facility Design© (LFD) framework and delivered phenomenal results.

Lean Facility Design© (LFD) is a proven and copyrighted methodology crafted by Faber Infinite Consulting, which supports organizations to build best in class facilities from day zero!

LFD has been deployed to deliver state of the art and world-class facilities for clients across geographies and industries including Ceramics, FMCG, Automotive, FIBC, Plastics & Packaging, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and others. These facilities have not only been following world-class procedures but also able to deploy a culture of continual improvement and efficiency from day zero.

Recently, our teams have been supporting one of our clients from the automotive sector to set up their new plant in India. Team Faber Infinite along with the client team rolled out the Lean Facility Design (LFD) process from the organization’s goals and principles down to the smallest of the nut & bolts of the framework to the detailed implementation plan.

It covered aspects like project planning, conceptual design at the systems level, functional design at the value stream level, and detailed design at the operational level, standard work development for operating in the new design.

Not just that, the new plant layout will also include the safety measures for COVID and any such Black Swan events that might take place in the future. Although the COVID situation will not last long, these measures will help the plant take precautions for the future and be future-ready.

We have been supporting our clients before COVID, with the safety and precautionary measures that need to be implemented from the inception stage. Those organizations were in better positions to face these different times as well.

Amongst several organizations where the futuristic LFD framework has been rolled out, currently, our teams are supporting three such new projects – a leading drip irrigation pipes manufacturer, an emerging pharmaceutical plant with all GMP compliances in place, and other spices manufacturing plant considering all FDA regulations.

LFD is a 14 step comprehensive methodology that focuses on several key elements before the layout. Please click here for more details about the LFD framework and the results achieved.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal

by Faber Infinite

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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