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December 18, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Employee retention is one of the biggest issues that worry the leadership of every organization irrespective of the industry or geography the organization is located in. It is highly important for the organizations to retain the new recruits in order to play over their potential and use them in creating better products and ultimately higher revenues. In order to retain the talent, onboarding the new employees is highly essential as it helps the leadership in getting through the initial vulnerable period of the time after any talent acquisition. Onboarding can be done in three steps – Organizational, Technical and Social.

Organizational Onboarding
  • Show the new recruits your way of working

Any person walking in a new place will need instructions and will need someone to show them around. In the same manner, the organization must put in efforts to teach and show the new people about how things work and how they should be getting done. It can be anything like how to get an ID card or how to pull the data etc. Training them about the basic requirements will surely help them in gaining the much-required confidence at the new workplace.

  • Help them in understanding the culture and other aspects

After training, one must also help them understand the related concepts and the work culture of the organization. One cannot just train and leave without checking if the new employee has been able to understand. It is an essential part of the onboarding process since it will make the path clear for the employee. Thus, the new employee will have a clear understanding of the work and the workplace.

Technical Onboarding
  • Define their responsibilities and duties in a comprehensive manner

When you hire someone, you look at their resume and their skills. However, you don’t know if he/she will be able to apply and use the skills in a very productive manner. The organization must have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for every employee who joins. This structure needs to be communicated well to the new employees. It will make them comfortable and aware of your expectations and thus help them adjust them in the new environment.

  • Set quick and efficient tasks for early wins

Don’t immediately load the new employee with heavy tasks. No matter how experienced or well-versed one is in work, they will obviously need some time in order to get comfortable to the new environment and work culture. Giving them heavy and big tasks right away will only make them less confident if they fail to provide the desired outcomes. Instead, set up easy and quick wins to make them feel more confident and positive in their work which will further help the organization in using the new employee’s talent in important projects for better outcomes.

Social Onboarding
  • Build of sense of belongingness

Make the new employees feel wanted and imbibe a sense of belongingness in them by creating communities new employee’sand teams that are ready to help each other. Building relationships in the course of time will make the recruit less isolated and will make him/her more habitual and confident while working with the other members of the team. It will also boost up his/her confidence and will increase his/her trust on the other team positive in ultimately providing efficient results.

Talent and hard work are the keys in getting the things done the right way and retaining the acquired talent plays a key role in that. Onboarding the employees is a key process in employee and talent retention and can be highly beneficial for the organizations. Organizations who invest in onboarding the employees have better opportunities to retain the employees.

Written and compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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