Leadership and Crisis Management

April 7, 2020by Faber Infinite

As a leader you are competent and skilled to manage people and situations, however the methodology used by organizations in times of emergency or crisis may prove insufficient, as leadership styles may vary depending on the response required. Leaders should consider crisis as an opportunity. They need to provide support to the teams and guide the team with confidence. Leaders should consider below mentioned pointers during crisis management:

Lead from front

Leader should lead the team from the front with confidence, by firmly and progressively taking charge of the situation. All the decisions should be made based on facts. If the leader is not competent enough to handle the situation, he/she should delegate the responsibility to an expert.

Empathy towards the team

The team should feel that the leader is there through the crisis. Leader should suggest crisis management training for the team. Leader should be connected with the team personally. May be a call to the team member and simple questions like – How are you coping with the crisis? This will help to make an impact. Also actively listen to the response by the team member. Provide feedback to the team and genuine assurance when needed.

Aware of business environment

Always have a sense of the business environment. Leader should be able to detect early signs of the crisis and be ready with the crisis management plan as well. It is the duty of the leader to communicate well in advance to the team and rework the crisis management plan if needed.

Be optimistic

Leaders should communicate more frequently with the team in time of crisis. Teams should be encouraged constantly. Leaders should discuss issues and work on solutions to the problems with the teams. There should be a continuous communication with the teams when they are working from home remotely.

Leaders do not panic

Leaders should work on a plan to manage crisis. They should have a clear vision and formulate a plan thus encouraging a composed and focussed team.


It is the responsibility of the leader to plan for the crisis. It that is not done in advance, then it should be the priority of the leader once the situation stabilizes.

Motivate Teams

Motivate teams, empower them, trust them and believe in the capabilities and competencies of the teams.

Learn from Crisis

Always learn from crisis. Leader should keep clear record during the crisis. Communicate well to the team all the lessons learned during the crisis. The team should be informed on how to address future reappearances. Good leadership means smooth landing. However, it is the tough times that separate the good leaders from the great ones. It is during the time of crisis that the leadership skills are put to test.

Written & Compiled by Faber Mayuri & Faber Priyal

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