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March 27, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Quality has become an important and integral part of producing and manufacturing new products in the 21st century. Many organizations have upped their game in this paradigm of production and in order to survive the heat of the competition, one must comply with the quality standards of the market in the present scenario and should work consistently towards achieving a higher quality standard for the manufactured products. At the same time, manufacturers must be able to have quality in their products at cheaper costs, better productivity and prompt and faster deliveries.

Moreover, it gives the organizations an insight to benchmark their quality contribution to the introduction of new products.

Achieve the objectives of the introduction of new products with Quality

Quality is a major characteristic that drives a lot of factors like revenues and market share in today’s dynamic market. With internet becoming one of the key influencers in today’s business, the role of quality has changed drastically in terms of the marketplace. Customers are now more likely to view and test and quality of the product and this trend is bound to grow in the coming years.

Moreover, quality also plays an important role in innovation and driving it to create a more optimized and powerful product with a greater efficiency. Quality leaders should be involved more in strategic, collaborative and digital efforts to make new products that check all the four boxes i.e. cost, speed of deliveries, better quality and innovation.

  • Strategic Effort

Quality is a significant and one of the most prudential contributors to the operational and financial performance of the company and is confused with compliance perspectives and relative factors many times. A strategic effort to use the insights provided by many metrics and KPIs should be made to develop and build initiatives and processes that can guide the team to its objectives and goals. The top of the hierarchy chain can work as a catalyst in this process by embracing the change and promoting it in a healthy manner among the employees and team members.

  • Collaborative Efforts

Quality has a very different process than that of those which commits with any other processes. Introduction of new products need to have multi-role approach and which can have a positive impact on costs and particularly the late cycle changes that hinders the quality processes, especially in the procurement of new products. Encompassing quality with new products is ultimately going to add value and lead to a higher quality product.

It’s not an active approach to just put products on the shelves of the stores in a hurry without having them tested and checked for quality. To establish a successful brand name, one should make a collaborative effort of all sorts that is going to impact the quality of the product. It will not only help the company commercially but will also add value in the work culture of the company.

  • Digitalized Efforts

The world is going digital and so is the marketplace in a lot of ways. It is time for the manufacturers to adapt to this to get a strong foothold in the quality data and analytics segment. The data collected through various digital platforms can be clubbed together with the analytics by the manufacturers to create a more holistic and innovative product for the market to satisfy the demands and needs of the customers.

Role of Quality Leader

Quality leaders are the central element that anchors the entire process and ensures that each and every brick is put in place with perfection. The combination of strategic, collaborative and digitalized efforts will have a major role in influencing the results of new products.

Quality is a key influencer and manufacturers have to understand the need of producing better quality products at a cheaper cost card. Moreover, one has to keep innovation in sync with quality as well because no matter how higher the quality of the product is; innovation drives and attracts the customer base.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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