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March 28, 2018by Faber Infinite

Teams that have leadership qualities play a crucial and dominant role in creating an efficient work environment which ultimately adds value to the organization helping it to push through the diabolic dynamics of the market that keeps changing every other day. Leaders of an organization must have some sort of leadership training and coaching for a better and smooth functioning of the upper body of the company. Moreover, the managerial members should also be motivated to go through certain training programs which help them in developing people management skills and get the unconscious biases out of their system.

These training programs should focus on developing the skills of the top level teams that acts as an indigenous factor in influencing the decisions of the organization as well as adds to the spirit and confidence of the team and motivates them to work hard and smart towards the collective goal.

Key Strategies to Develop Leadership Skills

Organizations usually have a very tough selection process and crucial training programs at the lower levels to get the best of the crop. However, when it comes to the same thing i.e. developing leadership skills at the top of the hierarchy, the companies lack the precision and the required training sets to develop the top level teams. These teams have a lot of accountability and pressure to keep the engines going and are given lots of responsibilities. Hence, these ambiguities should be treated more as a necessity instead of the luxury.

Furthermore, these top-level teams consist of the same members that are responsible for talent building of other members of the organization. They play a decisive factor in getting the best out of the employees and keeping them with the pace of the organizational development. Hence, it becomes more important for the organizations to develop top quality teams to have better and more precision-driven instincts where the chances of ignorance is close to zero.

Failure in developing the top level leadership teams to have the key management skills might hamper the journey of the organizations whilst achieving their goals. It is quintessential for the level teams to implement key strategies in order to gain revenues from the market and that will only be possible when one works on people management skills and leadership roles.

Learning is a never-ending process. In sync with imparting learning to the lower level of the pyramid, the top level teams should also be very intuitive and motivated towards learning and other relative factors. Below are the three factored themes which upon intervention by the top team can help in the improvement processes.

  1. Personal effectiveness –

Improvement in the personal effectiveness of the leadership is a crucial part that will engage more resources for better results. Here, the key is to focus on self and authenticity. Leaders have to analyze themselves and should be able to look through in order to achieve the transformational processes in the organization to achieve sustainable and continuous improvement.

  1. Alignment –

Leadership has to work on the alignment of the human resources in order to optimize the workload and achieve the desired growth numbers. Working effectively in a group is always better than and more efficient than working individually or working with bad team spirit. Both behavioral and systematic approaches to the leadership and top teams should be processed and formatted before implementation to have a more clinical touch.

  1. New opportunities –

The leadership should work on the ability of the workforce to create more opportunities – both for the organization as well as for the team members. The new possibilities will ultimately open the doors for the new paradigms of growth for the organizations.

These key qualities in the leadership once implemented will act as a gem in the company’s arsenal. Moreover, these will add to the company’s asset value and will help them achieve more in a shorter span with the deployment of fewer amounts of resources. Faber Infinite has been involved with a variety of such leadership and people development offerings, which helps the client to achieve their goals and grow.

Our teams work on “Change Management” and “Learning and Development” themes together with the client’s top / senior management and have implemented numerous programs. Workshops held at all levels and in all areas of the organization ensure that tangible improvements are initiated in the various departments and teams at all the levels.

Written & Compiled By Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

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