Reasons why change initiatives fail and how to correct them!

December 31, 2018by Faber Infinite0

The entire world is evolving and change is the only way to cope up with the changing trends and times and use it for one’s own benefit. Change initiatives is one such way with which an organization can make better use of their resources and ultimately make themselves more efficient, productive and profitable. Many organizations are integrating change initiatives in their work cultures. However, 70 percent of all the implemented change initiatives are reported to fail and not produce the desired results.

Many might wonder why?

Well! This blog post is an answer to why change initiatives fail and how to address the issues that impact any change initiative.

Reasons why change initiatives fail?

  1. Top management and their commitment towards the initiative

The top management drives and leads the initiatives right from the start and the fate of the change management process depends a lot on their commitment and determination. The top management needs to be highly active and involved in the entire change initiative in order for it to work and deliver the desired results. Ignorance by the leadership is usually one of the most common reasons why change initiatives fail.

  1. How the middle management responds to the initiative

Middle management is the most crucial part of any organization since it does most of the work and acts as the spine of the organization. It is important that the middle management reacts positively to the initiative and adapts to it instead of resisting the change since resistance will create more disturbances in the entire process and will lead the initiative to nothing.

  1. Involving everyone in the initiative for its success

The change management process must involve everyone who is getting affected by it. It is important to bring everyone under one umbrella and then collectively move forward with the initiative. Ignoring the individuals and their interests will only discourage them and will spoil the spirit of the initiative thus ultimately leading it to failure.

Corrective measures

Change initiatives are nothing less than a boon to the organization in their journey towards excellence and continual development. Hence, it is very important to get it right and effective to drive the resources and efforts in increasing productivity and generating more revenue.

  1. Organizations need to plan the process thoroughly and prepare themselves to successfully execute it as well. An unplanned initiative with flaws is more likely to fail in the execution stage ultimately sending negative signals to the lower levels.

  2. Help the middle management to embrace the change instead of resisting it. It is important for them to feel secure about the change and its effects including their jobs, their role in the organization and other aspects of the responsibilities

  3. Get everyone involved in the process since it is them who will run the entire process and obviously getting affected from it. Adding value adders into the process and convincing them about the effectiveness and the need of the initiative is of high importance for any change management initiative to succeed.

Team Faber has helped multiple clients across geographies in various industries in successfully implementing change initiatives and benefitting from it. We have always believed in excellence and are constantly directing our efforts in helping our clients to achieve it. We believe that change initiatives are the need of the hour for every organization and the success rate of these initiatives must be increased. Change initiatives are a proven way of achieving continual and sustainable development and must be used and implemented successfully for organizations aspiring to lead the market. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri

by Faber Infinite

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