Sustainability is much more than what most understand!

August 28, 2018by Faber Infinite0

Sustainability is the growing trend in the modern industrial world which has been constantly assisting managements of various organizations in achieving financial independence as well as efficient management of resources. However, there are certain companies that face challenges in implementing the sustainability strategies in the business and work culture and are unable to optimize it accordingly.

Many organizations have various tools and strategies integrated in their systems to analyze their drive and analyze their financial performances and very few companies ingrain sustainability processes to analyze their non-financial and social impact data of company. The main reason can be assessed as the failure and unawareness in the corporate about sustainability and its relative aspects.

The first and foremost reason on which the success of sustainability depends is that sustainability process should be independent from any other processes involved in the work culture of the organization. Keeping it independent helps the process in providing crucial analysis of data to the organization which further supports the decision-making process for the leadership of the organization.

One must understand that sustainability is not just a collection of feel good initiatives that will clean the image of the organization along with imbibing a culture of society-friendliness in the minds of team members and employees. Instead, it is the collective efforts that will push forward the company in keeping the changes occurring in the processes and work culture balanced thus, creating a harmony between usage of resources, investments and technological developments.

There are various benefits of applying sustainability tools in the organizational framework the most important of them is that it benefits the organization in terms of comprehensive and effective decision making that impacts the overall health of the organization. Moreover, it also helps in benchmarking of processes and control by the means of keeping regular track of the processes and then comparing it with the peers’ data.

Sustainability processes might have a very basic start in the process of data keeping. However, with increase in the time duration of the implementation of the sustainability process, the need to have a real-time collection of data increases exponentially. Keeping a balanced track of data that is updated in every sequential interval is the key in keeping the sustainability process abridge of the obstacles and problems that might occur in the change management processes.

Along with this, in the final stages of sustainability, the framework the company produces for the reporting part will not only showcase the initiatives but will also help the leadership in aligning the organizational strategies with the sustainability processes.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.

by Faber Infinite

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