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Produce Momentum Towards Success

  • By faber
  • August 29, 2018

Change is the need of the hour and it is really important for every organization to carry out change management processes in an efficient manner throughout the transformational journey in order to have optimum results. Although, many change management agents and leadership of the organization implementing change management processes might face difficulty in creating a smooth flow of the change management processes and maintaining the momentum.

Maintaining the momentum is crucial in any change management process since it provides stability to the organization’s change management processes and adds value in the end product. Below are some of the key rules that will help you in maintaining the momentum of the change management process in your organization.

  • Be open to accept new allies. They will help you in unexpected ways

You should be open to accepting new allies and their feedbacks in order to build momentum throughout your change management process. Your allies can be present in anywhere at any unexpected place. It may be someone opposing your decisions that might have come up with a very apt and efficient suggestion. Such people will add value to your journey and will assist you in achieving excellence in your change management journey.

  • Do not ignore the opposition instead pay attention to motivating them

Opposition will help in molding your change management journey for the better. Moreover, any change management process needs to be supported by all the levels in order to have a holistic approach towards any problem and consequently for an effective solution. The opposition will help you in finding out the mistakes that might impact the overall health of the change management journey. They are bound to criticize you, but it is your responsibility to take them along with you in order to have a optimized and effective change management journey.

  • Make agreement with the fact that everything will not go the way you want to

Every now and then there will be some aspects or people which will be out of your reach and capabilities. It is then, when you need to realize this fact that and stop spending your resources and time. There will be people who will not be happy with whatever you do and despite your efforts; you might have to part ways with such people. It is important to do that since it will help you in focusing on the transformation journey as well as remove the excess burden of resources.

Moreover, during your transformation journey, you need to be open to question and challenges and should constantly analyze yourself as well with below questions

  • Am I open enough to accept new allies that can benefit me?
  • Am I constantly listening to my opposition and motivating them to be a part of the journey?
  • Am I ok with the fact that I might not be able to win everyone?

These questions in the above concept will help you in keeping your change management process in check and in maintaining the flow of the journey. Furthermore, it is the momentum that will help you in establishing the change tools effectively to achieve optimum results and will constantly push you towards achieving continual and sustainable development. Team Faber Infinite has been helping clients across industries and geographies to keep the momentum through the transformation journey using Systematic Audit and Improvement Loop (SAIL) and Daily Work Management (DWM). There have been exceptional results that we have delivered through such transformation journeys at the client site. For more details contact at [email protected]

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri.