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Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Consultants/Experts

  • By faber
  • November 13, 2015

Team Faber Infinite is glad to share that our workshop on ‘Value Stream Mapping (VSM). A tool for Lean Process Mapping’ delivered by VSM consultants was successfully delivered in Pune, India on November 4, 2015. Core aim of the workshop was to learn how Value Stream Mapping acts as a major tool in the lean process mapping to reduce costs, improve production flow, save time, reduce inventory and improve overall performance.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is an effective lean tool which serves the process of an organization to identify the substantial opportunities for process improvement, cost reduction, improve productivity and save time. Value Stream Mapping can further assist organizations to improve their performance using existing resources.

Objective of the Workshop:-
  • To visualize entire process operations
  • To see how VSM helps in identifying the wastes along with the source of waste
  • To have a clear understanding of the Material flow
  • To show linkages between Information and Material Flow
  • To understand how it helps in forming the basis for implementation plan

The workshop participants represented varied sectors from eminent organizations like Atlas Copco, Mahindra Tsubaki Conveyor Systems, Indo Schottle and many more. The workshop was well received and methodology was highly appreciated. Our innovative ‘Fun and Learn’ methodology supported the workshop with simulation games engaging all the participants till the end and helping them to understand the importance of Value Stream Mapping which will drive the continual improvement journey further.

Glimpses from the workshop:

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The workshop was rated excellent (more than 90% rating) by the participants and few excerpts from the feedback is shared below:
– The Workshop was power packed because of the practical approach of it
– Simulation game was very well connected with actual practices at the shop floor
– Content of the training was very interesting and the way it is delivered was excellent

In order to accelerate the improvement in any organization and to identify and enhance the key drivers of the continual Improvement in any organization, Value stream Mapping is power packed tool for successful Lean implementation. The workshop shall further assist all participants towards crafting growth opportunities by improving organization bottom line leading to operational excellence!.

Faber Infinite is a company known for its expertise in Value Stream Mapping. As trusted Value Stream Mapping Experts, they assist businesses in identifying and streamlining their operational processes for maximum efficiency and value delivery. With a proven track record, Faber Infinite is the go-to choice for organizations seeking to optimise their value streams and drive continuous improvement.

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Reported by : Faber Raveena Rathi