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4 key points to Great Management

  • By faber
  • May 16, 2017

There’s a famous saying by Paul Glen- “A good manager finds satisfaction in helping others be productive, not being the most productive person in the room.” In this article, we will discuss about 4 key points to Great Management.

Managerial job is one of the most difficult tasks owing to dealing with and managing of human resources. Human behavior is very uncertain and it tends to change depending upon their moods and dispositions. But that’s what the challenge is; being a manager you should be able to deal successfully with your subordinates to get the work done. At the end of the day, proper execution and completion of work is what matters the most. The burden of getting it done properly and effectively lies on the manager. But how to do this?

Here are few pointers which would help mould employees to be highly productive, motivated and enthusiastic.

  • Great Mangers set examples:

Good managers just don’t guide but also set perfect examples. He/ she would himself follow what they preach. This could be in the style of working or the time dedicated in completion of a particular task or any alike thing. This holds due importance as the employees would be motivated seeing their manager following what he/she preaches. This would enable them to follow the person and the manager would be thus successful in spreading positive energy.

  • Equal allocation of work:

Employees tend to get disengaged after a certain point of time if allocated with more work than what they are supposed to. They tend to lose their sense of motivation resulting in degrading productivity owing to overburden of work. A good manager must be aware about the working patterns, working technique, amount of work his subordinates are engaged with and how much more work they should be assigned with. There should be proper and even allocation of work considering all these factors.

  • Effective Internal Network Access:

This acts as an important phenomenon. Having and maintaining large internal networks creates a sense of trust and strength. Larger business networks can build a positive outcome. Large internal networks can improve and increase co-ordination and co-operation also leading to departmental, hierarchical interactions among each other. This would build a sense of motivation and trust to attain the organizational goals on time, effectively.

  • One-on-One Interaction:

This is very important in any organization. This is what many organizational leaders and managers miss on. One-on-One interaction is very important to keep a track of what’s going on, to keep one updated about the challenges faced by the subordinates and to come up with suitable solutions. This habit should be followed at least twice a month as it enables to foster the organizational relationship leading to a positive work environment and improved productivity.

These tips would help build positive company culture, improve productivity & quality of work. But, do remember a manager would be the best person to initiate these measures because he/she would be the one who would be in constant touch with their juniors and also equally responsible and answerable to the top management for non-completion of work, non-attainment of organizational goals.

Written by Faber Ramya Pillai