• May 18, 2022
  • faber

Improve Process Flow with Value Stream Mapping.

With organizations coming back on track, the competition in the market is seen like never before. Companies are finding new and faster ways to win the touchline by equipping with

  • January 18, 2022
  • faber

Four Takeaways from the Indian General Elections

India is the world’s largest democracy, with the second-largest population, so, astonishingly, we’re still able to run our democratic procedures efficiently and effectively. On today’s Transformation Tuesday, we’ll discuss the

  • January 4, 2022
  • faber

Planning: 6 Important Key Function of Management

No matter how the previous year ended, the beginning of a new year always symbolizes the possibility of new chances and a fresh start. For a concentrated strategy and perspective

  • May 18, 2021
  • faber

Journey from Dream to Goal

We often have this feeling of achieving more. Don’t we? We are where we are because we have achieved what we aspire and still we wish to achieve more. Our

  • February 13, 2018
  • faber

Productivity Crunch – How to strive?

Deadline! A word that not only scares but also freights the souls of even the best planners. You have all the resources and manpower required to deliver at a time

  • January 3, 2017
  • faber

Plan Ahead for 2017 !

The previous year may have brought different kinds of emotions from being happy, excited, and elated to sad, disappointed or frustrated. But everything is all under the bridge and it

  • May 3, 2016
  • faber

Strategic Thinking

Perhaps all of you must have experienced the tension of dealing with the urgency of today yet knowing that we must keep an eye on the horizon in this fast