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Three Important Steps for Organizational Change Management

  • By faber
  • February 15, 2022

Change is inevitable within the process of life. Organizations that shall grow and develop for achieving their vision and mission should cater to the timely changes.

This #Transformation Tuesday, let us attempt to ‘be the change’ for the betterment of the organization we are related to. Change has an impression on the foremost valuable asset: people. Due to the related recruitment costs and therefore the time required to bring new staff up to hurry, losing personnel is expensive. Whenever an employee leaves the office, they take with them vital information about your company.

A change management strategy can assist you to make a smooth transition and guarantee that your staff is led along the way. Therefore, the Three key steps for efficient organizational change management are, as below:

  • Define the change and the company’s objectives.

Although it is going to appear simple, many organizations overlook this significant initiative. It’s one thing to precise the needed change; it’s quite another to undertake a rigorous evaluation against organizational objectives and performance goals to ensure that the change will lead your company within the appropriate strategic, financial, and ethical direction.

Questions to consider here are: What needs to be changed? or What is the necessity for this change? This stage can also, assist you to assess the price of the change, which can help you define the time and resources you will need to form it happen.

  • Identify the consequences and people who are impacted.

 You should then analyze the impacts of the change at various organizational levels after you recognize exactly what you would like to realize and why. Examine the impact on each business unit, also as how it spreads through the management to the individual. This data will begin to develop a roadmap of where the foremost training and support is required to mitigate the consequences.

Management must answer these questions before any change implementation such as: How will the change affect your organization? Who is going to suffer the most from the change? How will people react to the change?

  • Create a communication strategy.

Although all employees should be included within the change process, the prior two steps will have to identify which employees must be told of the change.

Determine the foremost efficient method of communication for bringing the group or individual on board by asking what message are you conveying by the change? How will employees handle feedback? An effective communication strategy consist of a time frame, for the way the change is going to be communicated. Important messages, and therefore the communication channels and mediums are proposed to be included within the communication strategy.

Thus, effective organizational change management results in an improvement in productivity and overall development of organizations.

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Written by Faber Aleena & Compiled by Faber Mayuri

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