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Wonders with Time and Motion Study!

  • By faber
  • December 28, 2017

“Analysis and Study is the critical starting point of Strategic Thinking” – Kenichi Ohmae

The same goes for the manufacturing industry. Time and Motion study provides one with the outline of the needed work and assists in making precise use of the resources to be on the desired timeline. It is the scientific study of the conservation of human resources. In the search for the most efficient method of doing a task. A well analyzed and prefaced data will allow the manufacturer or the board to know the capacity and capabilities of their manufacturing plants and factories. Some might consider this as orthodox, time-consuming and old-fashioned, but remember “Old is Gold”.

Time and Motion study and analysis can help the organization in planning their upcoming projects and avoid getting hitched on to problems. Operational Excellence and Sustainable Productivity are some of the most basic advantages of Time and Motion study. The basic process of Time and motion study basically comprises of five key points that govern the entire process. They are as follows:

  • Look closely at the present work and get an insight of the current situation.
  • Look out for opportunities and chances that can enhance and identify them.
  • Bring in changes for good in the current processes that are being followed.
  • Analyze if the desired results are being produced or not after updating the processes.
  • Shrug off your shoulder and repeat.
Time and Motion Study helps in Manufacturing

Time and motion study is undoubtedly one of the best techniques to find out the time and duration of the task and production procedures. It helps the organization in minimizing waste, precise use of resources, cutting costs, improving workplace environment and motivating the labor force for high and sustainable productivity. It divides the whole task in its subsequent parts and thus also reduces the paradox of pressure a complete task creates on the workforce.

A Time Standard is one of the key components of Time and Motion study. It is calculated by taking note of three key factors, i.e., qualified worker, working at normal pace, and doing specified tasks.

  • Determining the number of tools and equipments required for the process.
  • Determining the amount of workforce required to complete the production on time.
  • Determining the cost of the entire manufacturing and selling processes.
  • Assigning equipment and manpower to tasks and jobs.
  • Determining performance, assembly line and speed of conveyor belts.
  • Pay structures for workers doing over-time.
  • Assisting in cost reduction processes.
  • Analyzing the new equipment purchases.
  • Assisting in creating budgets.

Below is a pictorial representation of how Time and Motion Study affects the production and operation of any manufacturing plant.

Faber Infinite has helped several of its clients by implementing Time and Motions Study at the client’s site and production units. The implementation worked pretty well and the desired benefits were achieved in a short span of time with the precise analysis of the data collected. Moreover, the manpower productivity was improved and overall production of each operation was increased by 30%-40%. Following drivers were used in bringing out the significant change in Manpower productivity.

Significant Change in Manpower Productivity
  • Analyzing all activities and arriving at a standard time of each activity.
  • Identifying NVAs (Non-value adding activities) and providing recommendations for eliminating NVAs for future practices.
  • Providing systematic review aimed towards line balancing activities

Our module helped the client in improving its efficiency by more than 30% and the same was reflected in the production units. We helped one another client of ours and implemented a suitable module at his site and achieved around 33% savings. Also with a modified layout and 16%reduction in total work content. With the appropriate implementation of modules and studying. The data gathered from such practices production and delivery timeline along with costs summary can be determined. which will consequently help the manufacturer in planning more efficiently for future projects.

Competence and Production improvement are some of the most important improvements that can be brought into the system with the application of this ‘so-called insignificant seeming processes’. If one is really finding it hard to cope up with the growing competitiveness of the market and is struggling in operating through it, Time and Motions Study can be the answer to all his problems.

Written & Compiled by Faber Kishlay & Faber Mayuri
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