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Celebrating Manpower Productivity with Time & Motion Study

  • By faber
  • May 29, 2021

The globe has been fighting the deadly COVID – 19 virus, and industries have been suffering through these difficult times trying to cope with the virus and return to the new normal with several changes in working processes.

Team Faber Infinite has been supporting organizations during the pandemic, with one of the fundamental yet most powerful methods to improve manpower productivities, efficiencies, and overall procedures. Our teams are helping the organizations in minimizing waste, make precise use of available resources, cut costs, improve a workplace environment, and motivate the workforce for higher and sustainable productivity.

Time and Motion Study is a proven work measurement methodology not only for recording and evaluating a rate of work for the elements (of a project to be performed under routine conditions) but also equipped to uncover inefficiencies and areas of improvement. Though basic in nature, Time and Motion studies defines the groundwork and enable to arrive at better capacity, awareness, and robust planning system that lead the operations of a plant to operational excellence.

Structured Time & Motion Study shall pave the way best in class manpower productivity further leading to baseline for Industrial IoT or automation.

In a manufacturing setup time and motion study helps in identifying the following:

Time and Motion Study helps in Manufacturing
  1. Analyzing a number of tools and equipment required for the process.
  2. Determining the workforce required to accomplish the production on time.
  3. Analyzing the total cost of manufacturing and selling.
  4. Determining the performance of the employees on the shop floor.
  5. Improving manpower productivity for the processes.
  6. Identifying the pay structure for employees who work overtime.
  7. Determining the balance of the assembly line and the speed of the conveyor belt.
  8. Performing cost-reduction measures.
  9. Assessing the purchasing of new equipment.
  10. Establishing budgets.

Thus, the Time and Motion Study tool is a crucial tool for the productivity and profitability of any organization. Our expert team of consultants has hands-on experience in conducting the study and further implementing the improvements. A few of the results delivered via the Time and Motion study are as follows:

  • 50% improvement in throughput/ production
  • 33% savings in material wastages
  • 16% reduction in work content
  • 33% improvement in manpower productivity
  • 50% reduction in manpower cost

The success stories and case studies of Time and Motion Study are plenty, and it could be one of the answers for building competitiveness for organizations and overall industry!

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Written by Faber Nency and Compiled by Faber Mayuri