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How to Deal with Crisis?

  • By faber
  • October 3, 2017

Change is not welcomed by the majority. Change brings in a feeling of uncertainty, whether it is political change or change in the organization structure; team members tend to lose focus and become inefficient. What should the manager/leader do in such cases? How will he/ she manage to keep the team focused? How can the manager help to cope up with such situations that bring distraction?

This Tuesday, sharing proven pointers that can help you overcome the feeling of uncertainty in difficult times:

  • Manage yourself: The manager will be better able to help the team if he/she is first able to manage his/her stress and apprehension. The manager needs to start with himself/herself. As goes a famous saying – Everything starts with you.
  • Accept the uncertainty: Empathize with your team member feelings and worries. Do not ignore their worries and emotions. Though you want them to be focused, ignoring their feelings can prove to be dangerous. Go talk to them, discuss how you can work together as a team to overcome the crisis.
  • Accept that stress is normal: Some of your team members might be calm and organized, while others might be stressed and ineffective. Make your team members understand that stress and apprehension are very normal and help them overcome it by sharing your experiences so that they feel they are not alone.
  • Understand what your team wants: Talk to people personally and understand what are their issues or concerns. Understand their point of view. Try to understand what they think or feel even if you don’t feel the same or you don’t agree with the same. Make them feel you are together in the problem. Make them feel you really care for them and want to help them. Help them and advise them, it will make them feel better.
  • Encourage them to take care of themselves: Encourage the team to sleep well, eat well, exercise well to kill stress and improve efficiency. Help them balance work life. Meditation or mindful breathing helps to calm worries and keep the mind at peace.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, lead your team to be focused and more efficient during tough times and deal with the crisis. Transform yourself for better results and have a Transforming Tuesday!

Written By Faber Mayuri Pandya