Steps to build strong Leader – Employee relationship

October 1, 2019by Faber Infinite

In any organization, it is very important for the leaders to have a good relationship with their employees to make sure the employees and the organization grow together. To ensure this, there are a few steps every leader must consider while keeping employee engagement intact.

Smart leaders make sure employees are engaged with their organization because highly engaged teams bring creativity and passion in their work. All of this is important to make sure the organization grows well and to have the best employee retention because good employees won’t stay with dissatisfaction at work.

How can a manager establish a good relationship with the team?
  • Building Trust:

In any organization, it is very important to gain the trust of the employee. If the employees won’t trust their managers, the organization would suffer. There are a few leaders who might choose to rule through fear, but this will only lead to employees who are working for what is enough to keep their jobs.

There are a lot of things a manager can do to gain the trust of its teams. One is being open and honest about the changes that will come in the future and the way the employees will be impacted. Such kind of things makes the employee feel understood which builds trust between employee and leader.

  • Build Understanding

It is important for a leader to empathize with the employee. This will help the employee to be open with the leader. The employee will be able to pitch ideas better. It will also help the employees to discuss issues or concerns at work openly.

  • Seek Opinions

When a leader asks its employees about their opinion on the discussion that is being taken in a meeting along with the team, it makes the employee feel worthy. This will make the employee feel trusted by his opinion and will make the employee feel needed. Leaders should hence seek opinions from the team.

  • Be respectful

Leaders must be respectful of their teams. Employees should be respected and never insulted.

Disrespecting anyone doesn’t take much of the time and energy but respecting someone takes efforts. And it doesn’t just improve the relationship, but it also shows the employees the way they should treat their subordinates to lead the path.

  • Lead with integrity

A leader can show that he/she is trustworthy as a leader by staying by their words with their teams. A leader should show integrity. Tell them things you will do, and then do exactly as you said. Show them that your leadership is in alignment with the organizational values. Reward them their acts with integrity. Show trust and in return, ask for their trust. Be trustworthy and honorable and communicate the same.

Hence, these are the pointers that will lead the relationship between leader and team to a beautiful track which will help the organization grow leaps and bounds. 

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