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Rome Was Not Built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour!

  • By faber
  • August 31, 2021

Determination is a quality that is displayed when you have made the decision to pursue something and will not be distracted by anything. We encounter several problems on a daily basis, which is why mastering how to be determined is so important in our life.

Several unsung heroes have achieved tremendous achievements via their sheer determination, powers, skills, and so much more. These individuals never lost faith in themselves and worked tirelessly to realize their goals. Getting what you want isn’t always simple; getting where you want to go requires a significant amount of effort.

This Transformation Tuesday, sharing the story of yet another determined hero from India.

Determination of the Mountain Man

Dashrath Manjhi, widely known as the “Mountain Man,” is a legend who established that nothing is truly impossible. His life demonstrates that a small man with no money or influence can take on a powerful mountain.

After his wife passed away on the way to hospital trying to cross a mountain, Manjhi, out of sheer rage, set on a quest to carve a road through the treacherous mountain. His 22 years of hard effort paid off, as the road he built is now used by the people.

Manjhi’s persistent desire to cut the massive mountain sends a strong message that any obstacle can be overcome if one keeps one’s focus on the result. There may be many such change leaders in our presence who have taken matters into their own hands. 

In our business realms, there are many similarities to be found in order to create a determined ecosystem with all inspiring stakeholders. Determination is a critical component for economic success and to achieve enhanced productivity levels. According to a study, determined employees will always strive for a “better” way to complete a task.

Determination isn’t limited to a few days of work, it’s a commitment to completing a task with all your great power. When you are determined, you don’t just start working on something for a couple of days and then stop, but you finish it.

Sharing 4 sure ways to strengthen your building determination & grit (Adapted from Atomic Habits:

  1. Walk Slowly, But Never Backward. The most effective form of learning is practice, not planning. “Focus on taking action, not being in motion.”
  2. The Goldilocks Rule—How to Stay Determined in Life and Work. Anyone can work hard when they feel motivated. It’s the ability to keep going when work isn’t exciting that makes the difference. “Professionals stick to the schedule; amateurs let life get in the way.
  3. Organize your environment in a way that facilitates success. Human behavior follows the Law of Least Effort. “Create an environment where doing the right thing is as easy as possible.”
  4. When you get off course, get back on track. Try to keep your habit streak alive. “Never miss twice. If you miss one day, try to get back on track as quickly as possible.”

And, perhaps most crucially, putting these concepts into action in the actual world is vital. And if you don’t start doing what your heart desires right now, you won’t be able to do it later. START NOW, begin now, find an excuse later!

Written By Faber Khushi Trivedi And Compiled By Faber Mayuri Pandya